Nevron Vision for SQL Server Reporting Services
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    Barcode Areas
    In This Topic

    Nevron Barcode for Reporting Services supports multiple barcode areas. Barcode areas are added, removed and edited by the Barcode Areas Tab of the Barcode Major Tab (Barcode > Barcode Areas). Nevron Barcode for Reporting Services must have at least one barcode area, which is created by default. The default barcode area is configured to be a matrix barcode with QR Code encoding that displays the "Nevron Barcode for SSRS" text.

    Each barcode area has the following properties:


    Visible - specifies the visibility of the barcode area

    Text - specifies the text displayed by the barcode. Note that certain limitations apply depending on the currently chosen encoding settings (e.i. not all barcode types can display certain texts). The barcode will prompt you to insert a text that can be displayed by the currently selected encoding.

    Size Group - this group of settings has the following properties:

    Size Mode - defines the way in which the barcode image is sized to the barcode area. Possible values are:

    • Fit - the barcode image is fitted and centered with preserved aspect ratio inside the barcode area.
    • Scale - the barcode is scaled with a user specified scale factor and displayed centered inside the barcode area.

    Both sizing modes will additionally zoom the barcode image in such a way that it snaps to exacts pixels.

    Scale - visible only when Size Mode is set to Scale. Allows you to tune the scaling factor, with which the barcode image is zoomed.

    Content Alignment - specifies the content alignment of the barcode relative to the barcode content area.

    Encoding Group - this group of controls defines the way in which the Text is encoded as a barcode image. It has the following properties:

    Barcode Type - defines the primary type of barcode type that you want to use. Possible values are Matrix and Linear.

    Matrix Barcode Symbology - visible only when Barcode Type is set to Matrix. Defines the type of matrix symbology to use. Possible values are DataMatrix, QrCode and Pdf 417.

    Error Correction Level - visible only when Barcode Type is set to Matrix. Defines the error correction level of the matrix representation (i.e. the amount of damage the image can sustain and still be readable). Possible value are:


    • Low – up to 7% damage
    • Medium – up to 15% damage (default)
    • Quartile – up to 25% damage
    • High – up to 30% damage

    Levels Low or Medium represent the best compromise between density and ruggedness for general use.

    Linear Barcode Symbology - visible only when Barcode Type is set to Linear.  Defines the type of linear symbology to use. Possible values are: Codabar, Code 11, Code 39, Code 39 Extended, Code 93, Code 128, Code 128A, Code 128B, Code 128C, EAN8, EAN 13, FIM, Interleaved 2 of 5, ISBN, ITF14, JAN13, MSI 2Mod10, MSI Mod10, MSI Mod11, MSI Mod11 Mod10, Pharmacode, PostNet, Standard 2 of 5, Telepen, UPCA, UPCE, UPC Supplemental 2Digit and UPC Supplemental 5Digit.

    Show Label - specifies whether to show the label associated with linear barcodes.

    Appearance Group - the controls in this group let you change the foreground and background fillings of the squares and lines that constitute the barcode image. See Fill Style Editor for more information about the fill editor.

    Controls the margins, padding and position of the barcode panel created for the barcode area. For more information about panels see the The Barcode Layout topic.
    Lets you specify an action that is associated with the barcode area. See Actions and Drill Down Reports for more information.