Nevron Vision for SQL Server Reporting Services
Rendering Options

The chart rendering options are accessible from the Chart Properties - Rendering major tab. Following is a description of these options.

Image Format - specifies the format of the image generated by Nevron Chart for Reporting Services at runtime. By default set to PNG - possible values are Bmp, Jpeg, Png and Gif. 

Resolution - lets you define the image resolution of the rendered image (in dots per inch). By default set to 96 dpi (screen resolution). If the chart is about to be printed you can consider setting a higher resolution (for example 300 dpi). 

Render Image Map - specifies whether Nevron Chart for Reporting Services should render an image map. Custom Report Items in general can generate an image map, which contains information about tooltips, actions etc. The image map should be rendered, if the report is designed to be interactive. You should consider setting this property to false, if the chart does not need any interactivity features. This will speed up its rendering.

Gray Scale - specifies whether the rendered image should be converted to scales of gray. Set this property to true, if the report is designed to be printed on black and white printer and you want to ensure that you see what you print.

Image Sizing - defines the sizing of the rendered image at runtime. Possible values are:

Automatic - in case of screen resolution this mode automatically resolves to Auto Size mode. In case of other resolution (higher/lower) it resolves to Fit Proportional. The default setting.

Auto Size - Borders grow and shrink to accommodate the image.

Clip - The image is clipped to fit.

Fit - The image is resized to match the size of the image element.

Fit Proportional - The image is resized to fit, preserving the aspect ratio. 

Dynamic Width - allows you to modify the generated image width at runtime trough expression.

Dynamic Height - allows you to modify the generated image height at runtime trough expression.

Image Quality - allows you to modify different settings related to image quality. Generally lower image quality is less computationally expensive.

Enable 2D Antialiasing - turns on or off antialiasing of 2D objects.

Text Rendering Mode - allows you to specify the text rasterization mode. The following settings are available:

Enable 3D Antialiasing - this setting is regarded when the chart is rendering in 3D. When checked you can additionally specify the number of image samples generated by the control in order to produce smooth edges for 3D objects. The default setting for 3D antialiasing samples is 4.

Culture Name - a string, which determines the culture with which the chart is rendered. The culture controls the formatting of all numbers and dates displayed by Nevron Chart for Reporting Service. If left blank, the chart will use the default server culture. See the Culture Table for a list of all acceptable culture names.

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