Nevron Vision for SQL Server Reporting Services
Error Bar Series

Error Bar series are created for values data groupings displayed in combo charts, by setting the Series Type to Error Bar.


Show Lower Error X - whether the lower X errors must be displayed. 
Show Upper Error X
- whether the upper X errors must be displayed. 
Size X
- the size of the X error bars (upper and lower).

Show Lower Error Y - whether the lower Y errors must be displayed. 
Show Upper Error Y
- whether the upper Y errors must be displayed. 
Size Y
- the size of the Y error bars (upper and lower).

Show Lower Error Z - whether the lower Z errors must be displayed. 
Show Upper Error Z
- whether the upper Z errors must be displayed. 
Size Z
- the size of the Z error bars (upper and lower).

Data Requirements

Error Bar series always support the Y and Label data point values, lower and upper Y error bar values are regarded if Show Lower / Upper Error Y is checked. If the Combo Chart Subtype is set to XY Scatter, the series will also accept X, Upper Error X and Lower Error X data point values. Similarly when the Combo Chart Subtype is set to XYZ Scatter the available data point value will be extended with Z, Upper Error Z and Lower Error Z data point values.



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