Nevron Vision for SQL Server Reporting Services
Gauge Areas

Nevron Gauge for Reporting Services supports multiple gauge areas. Gauge areas are added, removed and edited by the Gauge Areas Tab of the Gauge Major Tab (Gauge > Gauge Areas). Nevron Gauge for Reporting Services must have at least one gauge area, which is created by default. The default gauge area is configured to be a radial gauge with one axis and pointer.

Each gauge area has a gauge type, axes, pointers, ranges, layout and appearance associated with it. The gauge area editor will automatically hide the axes, pointers and ranges tabs in case the currently selected gauge type does not support them. The following table summarizes the available gauge types and their relationship with the axes, pointers and ranges:

Gauge Type Support for Axes, Ranges and Pointers
Radial Gauge Yes
Linear Gauge Yes
Numeric Display No
State Indicator No

Gauge areas with radial or linear type support an unlimited number of gauge axes. Gauge axes are visually edited from the Axes tab. Each range or pointer is scaled (displayed) on exactly one gauge axis. See the Axes topic for a complete discussion of the settings.

Pointers are used to visually highlight a certain value on a gauge axis. Radial gauge pointers can be displayed as needles or markers. Linear gauge pointers are always displayed as markers. See the Pointers topic for a complete discussion of the settings.

Ranges are used to visually highlight a certain range of values on a gauge axis. See Ranges for a complete discussion of the settings.



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