Nevron Vision for SQL Server Reporting Services

Stripes allow you to highlight a repeating range on the gauge background. The following options are available:

Show - controls whether stripes are visible or not.

Mode - axis stripes can operate in three modes - Interlaced, Numeric and DateTime. You select the mode of the stripes from the Mode combo box. The following table describes the possible options:

Axis Stripes Mode Description
Interlaced Stripes will be synchronized with the values of the major ticks of the axis. You can control the appearance pattern through the "Length" and "Interval" settings.
Numeric Stripes will appeared at a custom specified numeric step. You control the step at which stripes appear from the "Numeric Step" up down.
DateTime Stripes will appear at a custom specified date/time step. You control the step at which stripes appear from the "Date Time Step" editor allowing you select a date time unit and unit number.

Length - controls how many steps the stripes will cover.

Interval - controls how many steps the stripes will miss.

Fill Style - controls the fill of the stripes.

The following picture shows a radial and linear vertical gauge with enabled stripes:



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