Nevron Vision for SQL Server Reporting Services
Layer - Binding Fields

Binding fields are added, removed and edited by the Binding Fields Tab of the Layer Tab (Map > Map Area > Layers > Binding Fields).

In order to bind the map data to the report data defined by the row data groupings and the layer data cells, you need to specify the columns that must match.

This is achieved with the layer binding fields, which are generally pairs of layer map data field and layer data table field names. In order for a record from the map data table to match a record from the layer data table, the values in the binding fields columns must match. This is equivalent to Left Outer Join between the two tables.

Each binding field that you create by clicking on the add and remove buttons has two properties:

Map Field - lets you choose the name of a column from the map data table (DBF data associated with the ESRI shape file).

Data Field- lets you choose the name of a column from the data table. (the name of a data cell field).


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