Nevron Vision for SQL Server Reporting Services
Map / Map - Getting Started
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    Map - Getting Started
    In This Topic
    The purpose of this topic is to provide basic understanding of map terminology and how maps are used in reporting.
     Map Elements

    Map images are composed of various elements such as map layers, titles, legends etc. Each of these elements is editable from the Nevron Map for SSRS visual interface. The following image illustrates the most common map elements:


    Following is a brief description of the map elements shown on the above picture along with a link to a more detailed topic:

    Title - titles are generally used to display static text describing the contents of the map. For more information check out the Titles topic.

    Legends - the above picture shows one legend. The legends are automatically populated with items from the map layers.

    Layers - each map consists of one or more map layers. In map on the image above has two map layers - one for the states of USA and one for Texas. The layer of USA is filled with a three color gradient filling rule, which is displayed on the map legend. The Texas layer is filled with distinct colors obtained from a palette and is not shown on any legend.