Nevron Vision for SQL Server Reporting Services
Radial Gauge

A radial gauge displays axes, pointers and ranges in a circular (polar) fashion. Following is a description of the radial gauge settings:

Sub Type - specifies a predefined radial gauge. The following table summarizes the relationship between the subtype and the begin angle, sweep angle and border shape of the gauge:

Subtype Begin Angle Sweep Angle
Radial 100 340
QuarterNorthEast 270 90
QuarterNorthWest 180 90
QuarterSouthWest 90 90
QuarterSouthEast 0 90
HalfNorth 180 180
HalfSouth 180 -180
HalfWest 90 180
HalfEast 90 -180
Custom User Specified User Specified

Begin Angle - defines the begin angle of the radial gauge (only visible when Sub Type is Custom)

Sweep Angle - defines the sweep angle of the radial gauge (only visible when Sub Type is Custom)

Cap - the properties contained in this group define the appearance of the radial gauge cap

Width - controls the width of the cap

Height - controls the height of the cap

Fill Style - controls the cap filling.

Stroke Style - controls the cap outline.

Shadow Style - controls the cap shadow.



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