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    Table Scale
    In This Topic

    The X axes of Cartesian charts support a special type of scale called "Table Scale". This scale type displays a table containing the values of the categories displayed on the axis. Optionally the table scale can display column and row headers containing the categories grouping and series names respectively. You create a table scale by setting the Categorical Scale Subtype of the category scale to "Table". Following are the settings available for table scales:



    Show Category Labels - whether to show category labels (column headers).

    Category Label Angle - controls the orientation of category labels.

    Category Labels Text Style - controls the label style of category labels.

    Data Labels Text Style - controls the text style of data labels (cell contents). Note that the text displayed in the table cells is controlled from the Groupings \ Legend \ Format property.

    Show Series Labels - whether to show series labels (row headers). Note series labels are formatted just like series names in the legend.

    Series Labels Position- controls the position of series labels. Possible values are:

    Left - Series labels (row headers) are displayed on the left.
    Right - Series labels (row headers) are displayed on the right.

    Marks Width - controls the width of series title marks

    Marks Height - controls the height of series title marks

    Text Offset - controls the offset of text from series title marks


    Horizontal - whether to display horizontal gridlines.

    Horizontal Stroke Style - the stroke style of horizontal gridlines.


    Vertical - whether to display vertical gridlines.

    Vertical Stroke Style - the stroke style of vertical gridlines.


    Horizontal / Vertical

    Show - whether to show horizontal / vertical stripes

    Length - the length of the stripe in rows or columns.

    Interval - the distance between stripes in rows or columns.

    Fill Style - the fill style of the stripe.