Nevron Vision for SQL Server Reporting Services
Text Style FX Editor

The Text Style FX Editor provides visual editing of the properties, that let you define a text style, based on a mixture of constant property values and expressions. It is shown when you click the FX Button of a text style property editor.


Following is a description of its properties:

Automatic - specifies whether the fill style is automatically determined. If this check is checked the entire fill style editor will be disabled. Uncheck this check if you want to provide a local fill style value.

Font - specifies the name of the font to use.

Size - specifies the size of the font.

Bold - specifies whether to make the text bold.

Italic - specifies whether to make the text italic.

Underline - specifies whether to underline the text.

Strikeout - specifies whether to strikeout the text.

Fill - controls the filling of the text.

Border - controls the outline of the text.

Shadow - controls the shadow of the text.



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