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    Float Bar Series
    In This Topic

    Float Bar series are created for values data groupings displayed in combo charts, by setting the Series Type to FloatBar.


    Group Mode - defines the way in which the float bar series groups with the previous float bar series in the chart. Possible values are:

    Clustered - the float bar series is displayed next to the previous float bar series  (starts a new cluster group).
    Series - the float bar series is displayed in a separate depth space (starts a new series).
    Stacked - the float bar series is stacked on top of the previous Series or Clustered float bar series.

    You can use the Group Mode to create cluster-stack float bar charts. For example, if you have four values data groupings with Series Type set to Float Bar, set the first Group Mode to Series, the second Group Mode to Stacked, the third Group Mode to Cluster and the fourth Group Mode to Stacked. If there are series data groupings, the first series Grouping Mode is also important. It controls how each series data grouping is linked with the previous one.

    Shape - specifies the shape of the float bars. Possible values are: Bar, Cylinder, Cone, Inverted Cone, Pyramid, Inverted Pyramid, Ellipsoid, Smooth Edge Bar and Cut Edge Bar.

    Edge Percent - defines the size of the edge in case the Shape is set to Smooth Edge Bar or Cut Edge Bar

    Width Percent - for series Combo chart subtype the Width Percent defines the width of the bar or bar group in percents of the space available for each category. For XY Scatter Combo chart subtype the Width Percent defines the width of the bar or bar group in percents of 1/10 of the chart width.

    Depth Percent -  defines the depth of the bars in the series in percents of the series size along the depth axis.

    Gap Percent - controls the gap (space) between the cluster float bars.

    Show Connector Lines - whether to show connector lines (lines connecting adjacent bars begin and end values).

    Connector Lines Stroke Style - the stroke style of the connector lines.

     Data Requirements

    Float Bar series typically support the Begin, End and Label data point values. If the Combo Chart Subtype is set to XY Scatter, the first bar series with Group Mode set to Series will accept a X data point value. If a float bar series GroupMode is set to Stacked, the bar will only require a Value data series, instead of the usual Begin and End data series.