Nevron Vision for SQL Server Reporting Services
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    In This Topic

    Nevron SSRS Vision consists of the following components:

    Binary Files for Server Processing of Reports Created With Nevron SSRS Vision
    This component includes the assemblies needed to process rdl files that contain Nevron SSRS Vision report items. This component must be installed on the server where you plan to deploy reports that contain Nevron SSRS Vision report items.

    Binary Files for Creating of Reports that Contain Nevron SSRS Vision Report Items.
    This component includes the assemblies needed to author rdl files that contain Nevron SSRS Vision report items. This component must be installed on the designer machine (Visual Studio/SSDT).

    • Examples and Sample Database
    Example solutions and sample database that demonstrated the capabilities of Nevron SSRS Vision.

    This component includes the documentation  and readme files.

     • License Manager
    This application allows you to manage the license keys associated with the machine where deploy the Nevron SSRS Vision components.

    System Requirements

    Nevron SSRS controls require "Custom report items" and "Custom data processing, delivery, and rendering extensions", which do not come with Microsoft SQL Server and Reporting Services Express edition. Nevron Vision for SSRS works with the following editions of Microsoft SQL Server which support SSRS or SSDT and custom report items:

    •SQL Server 2008
    •SQL Server 2008 R2
    •SQL Server 2012
    •SQL Server 2014
    •SQL Server 2016
    •SQL Server 2017
    •SQL Server 2019
    •PBIRS Server (Power BI Report Server)

    If you are unsure how to find out the version and edition execute the following script in SQL Management Studio: 

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    SELECT SERVERPROPERTY('productversion'), 

           SERVERPROPERTY ('productlevel'), 

           SERVERPROPERTY ('edition')

     The supported versions of Visual Studio are:

    •Visual Studio 2010
    •Visual Studio 2012
    •Visual Studio 2014
    •Visual Studio 2015
    •Visual Studio 2017
    •Visual Studio 2019

    Installing the Software

    After you determine the role which the machine plays (designer, server or both) you need to run the NRSVisionSetup.msi or NRSVisionSetup.exe. Please make sure the following conditions are met:

    - Make sure you run the install with admin rights. This ensures that the installation can correctly locate the location of Visual Studio and SQL server and update their configuration files so that the custom report items contained in the suite can be used in design and run time.

    - Close all instances of Visual Studio (BIDS, SSDT).

    - Make sure you turn off UAC (You can turn on UAC after the installation completes).

    Start the installation - during install you'll be prompted to select one or more of the following options:

    "Install Server Components"

    Check this option if this is the machine that runs the SSRS Reporting Services service.

    "Install Designer Components"

    Check this option if this is the machine where you'll create RDL reports using the custom report items in the suite.

    "Install Sample Database"

    Check this option if you wish the installer to also create the examples database. This database is required if you intend to view the examples that come with the product.

    If the installation is successful you should be able to edit and preview the examples distributed with the designer package as well as to view deployed reports containing Nevron SSRS Vision controls in the case of the server install.

    You can uncheck the installation boxes and install the custom report items using the SSRS Registrator program shipped with the product. It allows you to manually select the installation targets by choosing from the supported SQL Server and Visual Studio instances on the machine. To start the SSRS Registrator - from the Start Menu, go to Nevron SSRS Vision and then run "SSRS Registrator" as admin (right click and select "Run As Administrator"). For more information check out the Working with the SSRS Registrator  topic.


    If you experience problems during the installation or if the controls do not work correctly please contact Nevron Software Support at You can also attach the contents of the following file:

    c:\Program Files [(x86)]\Nevron Software\Nevron .NET Vision [VersionNumber]\Installer\Nevron.InstallerLog.xml

    The location of this file may change if you choose to install the software in a directory different than the default (Windows\Program Files[x86])

    This file is automatically generated at install time and contains a log of all the operations performed by installer as well as their status.