Nevron Vision for SQL Server Reporting Services
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    Map Overview
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    Nevron Map for Reporting Services is an advanced report item for all versions of Microsoft Reporting Services. It is designed to provide report authors with an easy and powerful way to create choropleth maps that are tightly integrated with your data. The component delivers an unmatched set of features related to visual quality, layout, data integration and data analysis.

     Major Features

    Support for Multiple Layers - unlimited number of map layers are supported. Each map layer can display either a predefined or custom ESRI map.

    Support for Multiple Legends - unlimited number of legends are supported. Each map layer can be assigned to a different legend. Legends can be manually positioned or docked to map and map plot area.

    Support for Multiple Titles - unlimited number of titles are supported. Titles can be manually positioned or docked to map and map plot area.

    Predefined Maps - the report item can display predefined maps of the World, USA, and all USA states.

    Custom Maps - the report item can display custom ESRI maps.

    Map Projections - support for 22 map projection types.

    Map Fill Rules - support for 2 and 3 color gradient filling rules as well as distinct value filling rules.

    Map Fill Rules Distribution - support for Equal, Equal Interval and Optimal map values distribution modes.

    Map Legend - each map layer can be annotated on a different legend. Legend modes include fill rule ranges and items with template options.

    Map Zooming - options to specify the items of the maps to which to zoom. Several zooming modes are provided including Zoom To Bounds, Zoom to Layer, Zoom to Data Bounds Shapes and Zoom to Shapes matching a specific criteria.

    Code Embedding - allows you to modify every aspect of the map appearance using C# code.

     Unique Features

    Speed - this is the fastest map component for SSRS.

    Projections - the only map report item that features 22 projection types.

    Code Embedding - the only map report item that allows the execution of custom C# code in runtime.

    XML Formatted Texts - this feature is applicable to all elements which display text. It allows you to mix fonts, mix bold, italic underline formatting and many other advanced features like different fill styles, shadows, image filters etc. - all inside a single label, title etc. XML formatted texts use a format similar to HTML, but with many more advanced options.

    Multithreaded UI - the user interface in design time is multithreaded. This allows for very quick editing of the component, regardless of the preview complexity.