Nevron Vision for SQL Server Reporting Services
Gauge / Gauge Panels / States
In This Topic
    In This Topic

    When the currently selected gauge type is state indicator you can also add or remove states to the gauge state indicator states collection (Gauge Areas\States).

    Each state has the following settings:


    Range - the range group box contains the begin/end edit controls that allow you to specify the active range of the state. When the value of the state indicator (specified from the Gauge Area\Gauge Type\State Indicator\Data) enter the specified range the state is considered active and considered for visualization.

    Begin - controls the begin value of the state range
    End - controls the end value of the state range

    Layout - the layout group box contains several settings related to the way the text and shape representation of the state are layout. The available settings are:

    Orientation - controls the orientation of the state layout. Possible values are Horizontal and Vertical.

    Gap - controls the gap between the text and the shape.

    Horz Alignment - controls the horizontal alignment between the text and the shape. Possible values are Center, Left,  and Right.

    Vert Alignment - controls the vertical alignment between the text and the shape. Possible values are Center, Top and Bottom.


    The shape tab contains settings related to the shape appearance of the state. It provides the following settings:

    Shape Size Mode - controls how the shape of the state is resized. Possible values are Custom and Same As Text. When the mode is set to custom the shape will use custom provided Width and Height. When the shape size mode is set to Same as Text the shape size will be synchronized with the size of the text in the layout direction of the state (specified from the general tab).

    Shape Width - controls the shape width.

    Shape Height - controls the shape height.

    Shape - control the shape shape. Possible values are - Rectangle, Triangle, Trapezoid, Ellipse, Cross, LineCross, Rounded Rectangle.

    Shape Fill Style - controls the filling of the shape

    Shape Stroke Style - controls the stroke of the shape


    The text tab controls the text representation of the state. It contains the following settings:

    Text - controls the text of the shape.

    Text Style - controls the text style.