Nevron Vision for SQL Server Reporting Services
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    Frame Style Editor
    In This Topic

    The Frame Style Editor provides complete visual editing for the settings, which define the default appearance of a panel frame (border). Following is a brief description of the Frame Style Editor User Interface:

    Use automatic check - specifies whether the frame style is automatically determined. If this check is checked the entire frame style editor will be disabled. Uncheck this check if you want to provide a local text style value.

    Frame Style combo - defines the type of frame style that you want to apply and automatically displays the editor corresponding to that type of frame style.

    Standard Frame Style editor -this editor lets you visually define a standard frame. Standard frames are rectangular frames, which are very similar to the borders, which can be applied to most Windows controls.

    Image Frame Style editor - this editor lets you visually define an image (artistic) frame. Image frames are more complex than standard frames, but look much more visually appealing.

    Appearance tab - from the Shape section, you can choose between several predefined types of image frame shapes.  For shapes with rounded edges you can specify the outer and inner edge percent. The Light effect section provides the length, light color and shadow color of the image frame shading effect. The Background color button control the color with which the image frame blends with the background.

    Size tab - lets you define the sizes of the frame tubes and corners.

    Fill Style tab - defines the fill style of the frame. Embeds the Fill Style Editor.

    Border Style tab - defines the style of the frame borders. Embeds the Stroke Style Editor.

    Shadow Style tab - edits the shadow of the frame. Embeds the Shadow Style Editor.