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    In This Topic

    Radial and Linear gauge types can have an unlimited number of axes where the ranges and pointers scale on. The settings related to axes are contained in the Gauge > Gauge Areas > Axes tab, which is visible when the currently selected gauge type is Radial or Linear.

    You can add, remove or change the position of a gauge axis from the list box on the left side of the Gauge Axes tab.

    The General tab page of the axes tab contains properties related to the currently selected gauge axis. Following is a description of the settings contained in this page:

    Allows you to set configure the Minimum and Maximum value displayed by the axis. For more information on how you can use the build in formulas check out the The Gauge Data Model and Gauge Formulas topics.

    The position group box contains the settings related to the gauge position.

    Orientation - controls the axis orientation. The axis orientation defines whether the labels appear on the left or right side of the scale ruler when looking at it from the ruler begin point.

    Position - controls the position for the axis. Possible settings are:

    Position Description
    Auto The position of the axis is automatically determined by the control. For radial gauges the axis will be docked to the outer gauge rim, whereas for linear gauges it is positioned at the center of the linear gauge.
    Dock Top The axis is docked to the top side of the of the gauge (outer rim in the case of radial gauge).
    Dock Bottom The axis is docked to the bottom side of the gauge (inner rim in the case of radial gauge)
    Model The axis position is specified in percentages of the gauge width / height in the case of a vertical / horizontal linear gauge or percentage of the radius when the gauge is radial.

    Create New Level - allows you to specify whether the axis when docked to the top or bottom of the gauge will occupy the same space as axes before it or reserve new space. This setting has effect only when the axes is docked.

    Model Percent - controls the position of the axis in percentages of the gauge model space.

    Begin Percent - controls the where the axis starts in percentages of the gauge models space.

    End Percent - controls the where the axis ends in percentages of the gauge models space.