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    Values Data Groupings
    In This Topic

    As mentioned in The Chart Data Model topic, the values data grouping are static. This means that unlike Category and Series Data Groupings they do not have associated filters, sorting and grouping expressions.

    In Nevron Chart for Reporting Services each values data grouping is typically used to represent a single or multiple chart series (depending on whether there are any series data groupings). Because of that values data groupings contain properties, which are applied to the chart series generated for it.

    Values data groupings are added, removed and edited in two ways:

    1. From the Values Data Groupings adorner panel.

      Add - to add new values data grouping just drag and drop a field from the dataset in an empty space of the panel.

      Remove - to remove an existing values data grouping - select the values data grouping and either press the delete button or right click to show the context menu and select the delete command.

      Edit - double click the item or right click to show the context menu and select the properties command.

      In the values data groupings adorner panel each values data grouping is represented by a values card. This card shows the label of the values data grouping and the expressions, which are used to obtain the currently needed data cell values (each values data grouping is associated with a data cell - see the The Chart Data Model for complete explanation). You can drag and drop fields on existing entries in the values card to replace the expressions used for this data cell value.

      You cannot change the order of the values data groupings from the adorner panel. To do that you need to use the Chart Properties Dialog (see below).
    2. From the Data - Groupings tab page in the Chart Properties Dialog.

      The Values data grouping are completely editable from the Chart Properties Dialog. Open Chart properties Dialog and go to the Data - Groupings tab.

      The Add, Remove, Edit, Move Up and Move Down commands are exposed by buttons and are self-explanatory.

    The properties of each values data grouping tab are explained in detail, by the following topics:

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